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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ski For Light 2013-My 1# Fan "Nebraska"

The best part of Ski For Light 2013 was the scenery! Robert "Nebraska" was my 1# fan for the week, can't say I didn't love every min of it! Looking forward to next year!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marquette The New Year 2012

Apparently fellow former 91 alumni paddled out to paint the "rock" last year at the reunion. 

 Presque Isle from a distance..

Brought my own weather man for the video tour..

Marquette Lighthouse...

Always wondered how many layers of paint this rock has accumulated over the years..becha it's more than a bucket or quiver.. eh

Two ships docked in the oppose to two ships passing in the night.. "smile"

The breakwall that my parents met on. It's crazy for me to think that if this was not built, I would not be here. 

Weather man reports, wavy and sprayey, with continued frosty and blowy into the after noon, in a nut shell it's colder than a Ninny without a jacket. 

Once again..with bigger splash.

Presque Isle Gazebo. Future location (I think) of my friend Keelan (from Alaska's) wedding this upcoming fall. 

Here again, up close and personal. 

My friend's the Nomes. "smile". Nick and Jill. They are soo cute!

Still cute...and what a home that Nick built.. 

Nothing say Christmas than two of your closest friends holding a pet chicken....

(Above) Pretty you mommy! (below)...Thank You "Weather Man"! The trip wouldn't have been the same without you and your keen weather senses. If you would wear tights and drive around in a cloud car, you would be the coolest super hero I know.. "smile".

Copper after surviving 3 weeks of living in the wild at -0 temps. My poor puppy is one tough Alaskan pooch.

A Quick Winter Tour Of Illiomna, Newhalen

Friend's Bill and Kate's Driveway And Teacher Housing. Away from the school with a great view of the lake....A nice set up! Newhalen

Headed into Illiomna from Newhalen, looking out at lake and the island.

Road headed into Illiomna along the lake, island with lodges on it.

Illiomna general store...

Illiomna Church (Green building)

Driving back to Newhalen from Illiomna

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flight to village Illiomna

Tim, pilot and the Poladas, my village chariot

co-pilot Kirsten

new fangled bush plane


redoubt volcano...

lake clark national park

newhalen from air


newhalen again


Newhalen airport 

Epic Ski Day, Mother Nature's New Years Celebration 2012

Parking lot, pre skiing, I'm on my way!!

Used to get kids in lessons from base lodge to beginner slope on Chair 3. 

Alyeska base lodge, empty 

The Sitzmark, Apre ski fun place. Music, Dancing, Good Food, Good Spirits, Great Memories. Oh, if the walls could talk, 13 years of my apre' ski life have been spent here. 

Base of chair 3 in a white winterland!

Challenge Alaska, My home, sweet, home. 

Locals Powder Day...No lines, No crowds, it's a beautiful thing!

Chair 3 (going up)

Chair 6 (and up)

At the top! Map shows "The North Face" The perfect place to spend a powder day and where I'm headed!

North Face Entrance-Chucks Gate.

Top Lodge and Tram.

After first few amazing turns down North Face under tram. 

My wimpy fat skis..

North Face

North Face

Skiing North Face

More North Face..yea, I just skied that, so fun!

Exit here or keep going down to Tram...I kept going... "smile". 

The insiders look of "The Tram"

No epic ski day would be complete without good friends! Andrea, Aaron, and his sweety!

One of the best ski days of my life. Powder, Powder, Powder and a locals only ski day! I very well might have only one ski day this year and to have one like this..makes me happy! Returned back in Alaska after visiting Michigan for Christmas only to catch the tail end of Alaska's "Snowmaggeden" 2 week snow storm. The rest of the country is as dry as a snakes butt in a wagon rutt and we get this. I'm so in love with Alaska and Snow! Above is my rental car after at the end of the day.